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One of the beauties of computers is their ability to use simple algorithms and, on their basis, elaborate complex constructs that imitate reality. This has been used for many applications and, more recently, in the domain of fractals. However, they need not be so serious. Generators on the Internet are especially widespread, and here you will get to see a number of the best out there.

Nonsense is a CGI program which generates... well, anything. Examples include generated Slashdot homepages, mission statements. and playing cards for Buzzword Bingo.

It's our obligation to endeavor towards facilitating our schemas and generating eyeballs as part of a larger strategy to create a more affordable brand.

-The Page of Generators
Not enough imagination to make believable RPG settings or fiction books ? Then you need to use this page full of generators. From the Useless Fantasy Class Generator (Rogue Babysitter, Valkyrie/Mime, Comedian-Priestess ?) to the Martial Arts Move Generator (Bird's Underhook of Amethyst Fates, Chaos Choke of the Forty Persuasive Wolves ?), from the Magic Item Generator (Bowl of Killer Silencing, Harpoon of Automaton Execution ?) to the Potion Description Generator ("smells like ginger and lemon but tastes like pine needles and dirt"), you're sure to find something here. Also has sections for Anime, Superheroes, and more.

Aquatic Cavalry: The "Horse Wreckers" - Gnomes using belts of water-breathing, riding horses enchanted to live underwater, armed with halberds. This unit is mainly used for sabotage.

This is a glowing mixture that is black in color. It smells like cream but tastes like raw meat.

-I, Rearrangement Servant
The most popular anagram program. Did you know that "insolitologist" has as anagram "toiling soloist" ? How true, how true.

A little candy
heart. How sweet.

-ACME Heart Maker, ACME LabelMaker, ACME License Maker
These programs permit you to make realistic, honest-to-Rand heart candies, labels or licenses with whatever words you want on them.

-The Dialectizer
Translate any web site in Redneck, Jive, Cockney, Elmer Fudd, Swedish Chef, Moron, Pig Latin, or Hacker. This web site is one in the "must see" category. Alison and I had the greatest time translating the Time Cube web site in Swedish Chef. Below is an example.

Teeme-a Coobe-a deescufery mekes
me-a veeser thun hoomun/guds. Um gesh dee bork, bork!
YOOo vere-a idooceted IFIL,
& tuu demn doomb tu knoo
ebuoot Teeme-a Coobe-a Creeshun.

-The Postmodernism Generator, Time Cube brings you these two babble generators, one for post-modernism and one for our favourite crackpot, Gene Ray. It's just like the real thing !

Until Word is fraught with evil, as in
seasons and therefore no life. Earth rotates
inside a Time Cube.

-Lee's Super-Hero Generator
Make your own super-hero character. Comes with an Anti-Clone Guarantee.

The intangible Golden Bee
Power(s): Animate/control the dead
Weapon: Water Bow
Transportation: Wonder Giraffe

-Make your own random anarchy cookbook
Remember when everyone was talking about this little book full of bad information that could make your face blow up ? Well now you can make your own ! As reliable as the original (although I did like the part about disquette bombs).

Land mine
Fill a container with toenail clippings
Connect a trigger wire to a vial of lithium chromate, and embed this in the container.
When the victim trips on the wire, the mine will go off and he will suffer a splitting headache!
This can also blow a battleship into 795 pieces. Historical note: this was first used in 1859.

-Metal Maker
If you have a metal band, this site is for you. You can generate your own album, song names AND lyrics ! Now you will have all the time to concentrate on your playing, and getting the reputation you deserve.

The Chamos (from "Knowing the Tomb")

Kick and the life
Surging splendour of Chamos
Reconsidering survival of scream
Moulder since the memory
While the winter of tomb
Corner as a whole desolate sacrifice

Hammer because the pentagram
Serve until the Chamos
Appear and the Chamos
I've lost Chamos of cursing the sun of war

-TechnoBabble applet
Want to use your creativity in creating your own generator ? This is for you ! This applet permits you to create your own algorithms to generate any kind of names or text you want.

-Generate a US Name from your Name
Looks like my new name is "Anthony Malone".

While some of these are just weird, some are very funny, like the "Prior-Art-O-Matic" which returns possible weird inventions.

It's a newly-discovered breed of fish that plugs into the mains! It runs on six little wheels and can bring down an elephant.

review written by Franc, 08/2002.

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