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Our Games
Test if you are a CRACKPOT, if you can bend a spoon, Find the Crackpot...

How-to Guides
Read our step-by-step walkthru of various common tasks, such as trying to FUCK A DOLPHIN (or if you can't do that, SHAPESHIFT INTO ONE).

Idle Amusement
Waste hours playing with weird generators and tests.

Cliff's Notes
Why do people BELIEVE WEIRD THINGS ? What does it MEAN ? Other authors provide a glimpse.

Reader Mail
Apparently, some people don't like us. The hilarious results are here.

Email Attack !
Weirdness also spills over in other forms, including Usenet. We track down the hilarity, so you don't have to.

Battling Viewpoints
Crackpots duke it out, and YOU'RE the judge.

Insolitous Music
Just like books, people record music even though they are terrible, or insane.

Send an E-Card
Send someone else an e-card with a picture inspired by crackpots.

Some crackpot-inspired comics.

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