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The Crackpot Top 8
Our reviews of eight of the most well-known and cherished crackpots on the Internet.

Religious Cuckoos
Religious fanaticism is sad, but also inherently funny. These sites are proof of that proposition.

Organized Oddity
Crackpots are not just lone individuals with a delusion. Sometimes they're also cults or paranormal groups.

Paranormal Cuckoos
Everything from space aliens to worldwide conspiracies to channeling to Free Energy to...

Real-Life Oddity
There is weird stuff in real life too. We talk about TBN, Scientology, Scott Adams, and more.

Medicine and Health Cuckoos
Poking fun at the MENTALLY or PHYSICALLY ILL who have nothing else to do than try to pass it on to others.

Other Cuckoos
This stuff can't even be classified.

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