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how to defend yourself verbally
He's just a TAXI DRIVER, but he can teach you how to answer to INSULTS. Just don't try to MAKE SENSE.

how to fuck a dolphin
If you think DOLPHINS are SEXY, you need more than this guide can provide. Otherwise, go RIGHT AHEAD.

how to have sex with a car (to come)
Continuing our WEIRD SEXUALITY series.

how to shape-shift into a dolphin
If you can't FUCK 'EM, JOIN 'EM.

how to become paranormal
Try out telekinesis, read minds, throw energy everywhere, and PISS everyone OFF.
Other page hosted here : Pranking Psipog

how to prevent alien abductions (to come)
All the housetips you need to prevent uncomfortable ALIEN ABDUCTIONS.

how to have out-of-body experiences (to come)
Your TOURISM GUIDE to the Astral Planes.

how to survive the Rapture
Personally, I always get FIDGETY when I see HOT DEATH raining from HEAVEN.

how to play the Ukelele
Ukelele is a cute little instrument, and now you can learn how to PLAY, or at least try to understand what this guy is saying.