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RV Science

Insolitology purists may not consider commercial sites to count as part of our mission statement. I beg to differ, however. I think commercial sites can be as great as the writings of deranged lunatics. Sometimes both are true at the same time. Case in point...

RV Science

Every time you see the words "RV Science", imagine that the word "science" is in quotes. Even a "science" in quotes does not give justice to the absurdity within. This site has about as much to do with science as I have to do with nicety.

How much
would you pay
for 16 cheap-o
rocks ?

How about a
dollars US ?

Yea, I didn't
think so.
Wonder how
many orders
they get...
Let me be honest with you. I have no idea what this site is about. I usually read a site in detail and get the general gist of what the beliefs involved are, and then explain to you exactly why they are absolutely ridiculous. But this site is so full of original bullshit that there's absolutely no way for me to synthesize it for you. Seriously. Picture yourself as me (a scary thought !). You haven't written an Insolitology entry forever. And this is the third paragraph you read :

Dark energy/matter entities do not inhabit the awareness domain of light energy/matter beings, they do not have physical bodies, instead their dreaming body is binary: energy and non-corporeal dark matter. They have seven different types of awareness domains they can inhabit - seven different types of dream in which they simultaneously exist and are types of space - like time, to them time is just a distance which they can traverse like a corridor. This means that shredding these entities properly requires seven different PC's tuned to each of the different types of dark matter/energy realities. That is why there are seven Psycrystals that use the shredded insectiles to power them and I have designed each one to use this energy to empower RV, Love, Luck, Money, Health... to shred insectiles or any other dark energy/matter entities one needs to simultaneously shred them in their seven different dimensions so they have no where to escape but into their space - like time to avoid destruction. One then needs to have seven bioparticles to shred the matter aspect of these entities. This drives the entity to try and escape via the space-like time, in it's totality, so it can be completely, irrevocably destroyed. Time travels from left to right in our mind's eye so holding the large left hand awareness PC in your left hand, while placing the seven psycrystals at your feet in a circle around you, accesses this torsion field shredder (remember to place the bioparticles at the points of the seven psycrystals which should be pointing toward the centre of the circle (see photo on my website.) This past is blocked by the right hand awareness PC in your right hand which collects the insectile entity... and totally shreds it. Since you are connected to the insectile by your parasite it is drawn into your exorcism shredder PC assembly rather like a conveyor belt taking a victim into a shredder. The parasite is first expunged, then the insectile, then all it's other parasites buried in it's human herd, then it's fellow hive insectiles and their parasite flock, then more insectiles.... leading back to the inorganic beings.

Read again. It still doesn't make any sense. NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES I READ IT, IT STILL MAKES NO SENSE. But whenever I read the word "insectiles", I think of the Transformers.

Basically, this web site sells "psycho-crystals" for hundreds of dollars, and these crystals will somehow protect you from some evil control from spacetime. Kinda like Scientology smashed together with a New Age bookstore.

As my cop-out, I will give you some choice quotes.

The real world is the product of symmetry breaking of 5 dimensional ‘unified' fields that result in the mixing of light and dark energy/matter (e/m). The Archons, insectiles, demons and the demiurge, the demented creator of these conditions feeds on mankind via its dark e/m chaos insectiles which have mixed their fields with ours. This is the original sin that damns mankind to the Seven Heavens and 5 Hells of the demiurge as damned souls to feed the demiurge. Grail Stones unmix the light and dark e/m enabling the user to use his light e/m biophysical fields, also the Grail Stones enable the Psi-master versed in the dark e/m realm to manifest and demanifest reality, common dark e/m entities, etc, learn dark science and find lost knowledge.

Disease is caused by dark e/m lodged in the physical body.

Gold PA’s are not for spiritual or psychic development but to take the basic gold meme from those who have it and give it to the wearer. In the process they make the entities that controlled the gold meme suffer to liberate more of the stolen gold meme – the archetypal dream of reality.

Uninterested in the gold meme I have never used one but Psiops adepts who are interested in gaining power in this reality will find them invaluable. They consist of a torsionic soliton heterotic string field set up in the ring in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction. To make them requires technology from the far future, so US RV’s can try to duplicate the technology if they can view billions of years ahead. On this track they will find gold PA’s have a corrupting effect because they feed the Adept with Power, Money and Sex so making them attached to this reality, it is for that reason I shun them. For business people they are supremely useful allowing the competitive edge in all RV, RS and RI in the world of money.

With Tim Rifat's breakthroughs in anti-occult technology AOT the truth behind this evil has been laid bare; all occult entities are in fact dark energy/matter forces beings respectively. Since 73% of the universe is dark energy, 23% dark matter those dark entities have great power. They have been using occultists throughout the ages to corrupt human reality to evil. The illuminati are the modern day occultist puppets of these dark energy/matter entities - called archons, demons, shadows, vampires, ghosts, succubi... Tim Rifat has used AOT to produce the anti-matter version of dark matter and the negative energy of dark matter.

And then, near the end of the "Anti-Demon PCs" page, political bullshit rams the reader like a freight train :

The Illuminati who own the West - run all it's banks, own nearly all the major corporations, own the resources, print the paper money at massive mark-up, control all western politicians... depend on the occult energy matter demons to hold the West in their thrall. The Illuminati were the Sanhedrin demons, the money lenders thrown out of the Temple of Jesus in the Bible. They sacrificed babies to demons to get their wealth. The Key of Soloman, King Soloman's Grimoire described how to raise these demons Goetia to bring the Sanhedrin their wealth. Sacrifice of babies to control dark energy matter vermin like the Goetia is the core of the Illuminati's religion and binds the top echelons of the West together. The Sanhedrin moved to Europe after the Diaspora of Jews and set themselves up as goldsmiths, money lenders. They were thrown out of England in the middle ages for sacrificing Christian children to their demons. The 30 years war between Christian Catholic and Protestant enabled the Sanhedrin to become immensely rich as they lent money to both sin return for usery and land.

And I am sparing you the vast bulk of it. But to continue :

The quantum vacuum intelligence they have corrupted to hold sway is Kurgiasax, the anti-wheel of fortune meme. The anti-lady fortune, Hecate is used by the Illuminati to ruin the world, life, fortune of all who oppose them, in the process bringing them fortune. The energy for this process comes from the human race whose love of money means humans give all their life force for money. In the Matrix Revolution RI we use a Kurgiasax PC: place it on our BSRI-E in altar mode to charge and untwist the Intelligence bound in the Matrix. The Kurgasiax PC is then placed point first touching the base of the Money PC, at the north of the UPGP, whose point faces in this direction. To complete the ritual we need the Ritual PC, in this case a dollar bill be perfect as it has the Illuminati pyramid on it which is the occult symbol of their money parasitism. Place the dollar bill Illuminati pyramid up at the base of the Kurgiasax PC. The KPC inverts the Illuminati ritual as the Money PC sucks out all the energy from the Illuminati reversing the corruption by freeing Kurgiasax to ruin the Illuminati and its female form as Hecate to grant them the gift of total misfortune.

Got enough yet ? Well, one more. I promise you this is the last quote.

The advent of the tenth planet Sedna has changed the entire manifold Psi-space destroying the 9 Cycle Matrix and bringing in the ten cycle of Dark Science knowledge of Dark matter and energy. The corruption of the Matrix has been shattered in the biophysical realm. Tim Rifat, the creator of psycrystals can now release to the public the other four psycrystals for general use, the continuation of the other 7 psycrystals love, luck, money, health, rv psychic powers, psychic protection and longevity. The new 4 psycrystals are the core crystals of enlightenment and untwist the human biophysical body from the 9 cycle Matrix to ten cycle outside the Matrix functioning.

I think that by now you get the idea, or not get it, whichever is more appropriate. By the way, you can buy those 4 "new" psycrystals for only 330$US. But it's worth it, because the Fame crystal is able tol "light up like a star the people around you with the brilliance of your being". Wouldn't that be kindof a problem ?

But that's not all. The 16 crystals you saw at the beginning of the article are available for only a thousand dollars. If you are not that ambitious, you can get an individual crystal to protect you in one of seven domains (Love, Remote Viewing & Psychic Powers, Money, Health, Age Extension, Good Luck and Psychic Protection) for only 85$.

What are they ? From the perspective of this site, I have no idea. From my perspective, they look like some cheap-o rock you'd buy in the bargain bin of a rock and gem store. But what do I know, right ? Being an "energetic zombie" and all. Anyway, is "Tim Rifat" (the author of this site) for real or not ? I can perfectly imagine someone stringing a wide variety of byullshit concepts to try to sell cheap-o rocks. On the other hand, he could be a complete crackpot. Perhaps the sub-sites will be of some help.

By the way, if you're going to pretend to be a pseudo-New Age crystal guru, what kind of a name is "Tim Rifat" ?

Tim Rifat,
psychic spy.
Subtitled "The Ultimate Courses in Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing", this is a more spartan site. This site offers various courses to prospective "Psi-Masters" in the business world, and he states that he is "Europe's leading expert on remote viewing-psychic spying, Psi-warfare, mind control and microwave weaponry". Does he not realize that, if his claims were true (which of course they aren't), he would have one fat lawsuit on his hands ? He really should take a cue from his pseudo-medical brethren and soften his claims a bit. Tim also wrote a book, the link to which is unfortunately down.

Interesting sights include his warnings page, where he tells us about some con artists trying to bank on his work (you don't say), a FAQ where we learn that is "the only organisation that has RS protocols to scan the minds of other competitors" (once again, lawsuit in the making), and a number of course pages. If you want to become a "supertrainer", however, be prepared to be dissapointed, because they only accept the best (which I assume is a code-word for "ready to pay more").

Warrior Shaman

The most horrible coding of the three, "Warrior Shaman" is a site where Tim tells us how the forces of evil are like the Sith (anti-Jedi from Star Wars), and how Tim and other psychic warriors are like the Jedi. Unfortunately, crystals are still involved. But not content to tarnish one movie, he also involves Lord of the Rings and The Matrix in all this :

The 1st Earth Battalion of Warrior Shamans led by the U.S. military's guru Lieutenant Jim Shannon have begun a trend of incorporating Psi into U.S. military doctrine (Channel 4, Crazy Rulers of the World) A top secret is that Stanford Research Institute carried out research into contacting the Council of Nine, described by Tolkien in Lord of the Rings as the: Nine Ring Wraiths, and in Egyptian magic as the Nine Supreme Rulers, if order to control reality, psychokinesis, to further U.S. interests. The use of the nine demonic entities of the Council of Nine, fed by U.S. collateral damage in numerous wars has enabled U.S. Psi-Masters working in the Pentagon to emulate Jedi such as Darth Vader, neos of the Matrix persuasion or Gandalf/Sauran like wizards of popular U.S. films.

For shame. Well, I'm sure at this point you're completely sick of RV Science, so I'll leave it alone. If you want to be dazzled for a long time, try to go through the sites. Good luck understanding any of it.

Sanity Rating :

Either 0 points or -500 points (Depending on whether you believe the guy is for real or just a scammer)

review written by Franc, 03/2006.

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